After finishing the FMP I feel as though there are lots of good things that I accomplished alone side some not so good things that could do with improvement. The first point that I will address is my time management. I believe that throughout this project I stuck more or less to the schedule that... Continue Reading →


FMP Production Diary

  WEEK 1 (19/03/18): This week I started off by looking at different idents seen on TV, I found multiple different examples from various different channels and analysed each ident inside of my blog. After I had done this for 4 different idents I then created a moodboard demonstrating what the logo at the end... Continue Reading →

Creating the Ident (After Effects)

The very first thing that I needed to do was set up the document. To do this I looked at my proposal document filled in the necessary details. To begin the creation of my ident I first had to import all of the assets that I created beforehand from Illustrator into After Effects. This consisted... Continue Reading →

After Effect Tutorials

Here is a collection of different videos that will help me when it comes to animating inside After Effects. This first video will potentially be useful as when my firework is flying through the sky I may want to add a smoke trail that follows it in order to emphasise the idea that the rocket... Continue Reading →

Designing the Motion Graphic

To begin the design process I began to roughly create a variety of different storyboards with each one having its own unique theme and style. I found that some worked quite well and could potentially be used for my actual ident whereas others just seemed too far-fetched and out of place.   I then chose three... Continue Reading →

FMP Treatment

Working Title – Kingston College Graduation Idents   Genre – 2D Motion Graphics   Duration – 1x 10-15 second ident, 1x 3-5 second 'sting' ident   Target Audience – 16-25-year-old students attending the Graduation Ceremony. This ident is intended for the consumption of the students attending the Graduation Ceremony, along with any other member of... Continue Reading →

Initial Research (FMP)

What is an Ident? An ident is a short sequence displayed in-between sections used to identify the company. Idents are most commonly seen in TV during breaks between programmes, however, they can also be seen in different areas of media such as the example I am doing which is to break up the Graduation Ceremony video.... Continue Reading →

FMP Plan

2D/3D Motion Graphics: I will be working towards creating a 2D/3D motion graphic that will be used to top and tail the graduation ceremony, these idents will last no longer than around 10-15 seconds. On top of this, I will also be creating a ‘sting’ Ident which will play in between sections that will have... Continue Reading →

Production Diary

Week 1 (01/02/18): Today we went to Ham Common Woods to begin our first filming session for the live action game trailer. We went to the woods as soon as college finished and began to film the first couple of scenes for our trailer. Since it was our first day in these woods we spent... Continue Reading →

Live Action Trailer Planning

My Role: My role in this project was to be the cameraman when we came to film our trailer. On top of this, it was my job to produce the props that would be used in the trailer. I also filled out all of the paperwork that was needed. Synopsis: Prop Planning: Costume Planning: Location:... Continue Reading →

Creating the Website in Muse

To begin creating the website I first imported all of my previously built assets from illustrator into Muse and arranged them so that they corresponded exactly to my prototype design. After this was complete I then needed to make it so that the buttons worked. To do this I needed to click on one of... Continue Reading →

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