Designing The Website

Wireframe 1: This is the very first wireframe that I created which was designed to give me a rough idea of how I wanted my website to be laid out. After looking at this page and from other personal research I realised that there were pages within the website that I wanted to develop upon.... Continue Reading →


Maya Obstacle Course Evaluation After completing the animation I was quite happy with the outcome, however, there are also some issues as well. I believe that I managed to create a relatively lifelike animation (with the exception of a few areas) that fits the description of the brief. I believe that my animation expressed a decent amount of creativity... Continue Reading →

Maya Obstacle Animation Creation

Before I went into Maya and began animating I first decided to create a few storyboards demonstrating how my character would progress his way through the obstacle course. This first design included a variety of different movements ranging from: pushing, climbing, sliding, somersaulting. I quite liked this initial design, however, after going into Maya to... Continue Reading →

Obstacle Challenge Treatment

Working Title – Maya Obstacle Challenge Genre – 3D animation Duration –Between 30 seconds Outline – The animation will consist of my Fuse character making his way across the obstacle course. The obstacle course is very diverse and will require me to include multiple different creative ways of overcoming each obstacle. Character Breakdown – The... Continue Reading →

Pixar Short Film

Geris Game Geri's Game is a short (5 minute) animated film created by Pixar in 1997. This short was a key standpoint in Pixar animation as they took human and cloth animation to new heights. To begin the creation of Geri's Game they first had to come up with the story idea itself and pitch... Continue Reading →

Web Browser Functions

Client Side Technologies HTML - Hypertext Markup Language. It is the language used to create web pages. CSS - Cascading Style Sheet. CSS portrays how HTML components are to be shown on screen, paper, or in other media. Javascript - Is a high-level prototype-based programming language. jQuery - jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the... Continue Reading →

Live Action Video Game Trailers

Idea 1: Guitar Hero The character slowly makes their way towards the  event with their guitar case in hand. The character is feeling nervous as this is their first time doing anything like this. The character opens the door and places their guitar on the table and dramatically opens the case. They then place the... Continue Reading →

Animation Stages

Story-storyboard and script visualisation. Editor- story reel. Art- the visual development artist, shows how the film will play. Modeling- sculpt 3D versions fo artwork. Rigging- skeletons for characters, design how they move. Surfacing- determine the surface quality of assets and characters. Rough layout- blocking of the character Final layout- prepare shots for animation, scene dressing.... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Website Research

Kendra Haste This is the home page for Kendra Haste's website. This is the first thing you see when you load into the site. The page is primarily filled with a large image of one of her sculptures placed on top of a white background which allows the image to stand out and become the... Continue Reading →

Game Presentation

Story: The game is set on earth in 1945 nearing the end of the second world war. The world is in ruin due to an alien invasion from an unknown planet who have come to destroy the earth. You play as the alien in this story, Trooper, and have to pass through different war-torn levels... Continue Reading →

App Treatment

Working Title –Charted Genre –Music streaming app Target Audience –My app is designed for people who enjoy music and wish to listen to it for free. There is no real age range for which this app is targeted for, however, i believe that it is more likely to attract the teenage audience as they are the ones most... Continue Reading →

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