Retro Games

Crash Bandicoot: Crash bandicoot is a 3rd person platformer created by the game company Naughty dog for Sony Computer Entertainment. The story follows a bandicoot (Crash), who has been mutated by the villains of the game Doctor Neo Cortex and Doctor Nitrus Brio, as he aims to prevent Brio and Cortex's attempts on world domination... Continue Reading →


App Designs Review

UI-User Interface- The user interface is what the user can see and interact with. This might include how the app looks which can consist of elements such as how easy it is to understand and how appealing it is to the eye. UX-User Experience- The user experience is different from the UI as the user... Continue Reading →

Maya Information

There are two types of modelling in Maya: Polygonal modelling and NURBS(Non Uniform Rational B Spline). Polygonal modelling is creating a shape using multiple different faces that are made up of a polygon mesh. NURBS on the other hand are one geometry type that you can use to create curves and surfaces within Maya. Hulls... Continue Reading →

Elements of Design

Line: Strokes that show motion and connect two points. May be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, curved, straight, zig zag or show some emotion. Form: Shows an object in space, the mass or positive space it occupies. The term usually used when describing 3D objects. Space: What is between objects, also known as negative space. Texture:... Continue Reading →

Animation Treatment(Stop-mo) (T2, U53)

Working Title – Alphabet animation (D)   Genre – Stop motion(object animation)   Duration – 5 seconds   Target Audience – This animation is going to be aimed at small children who are beginning to learn the basics of the alphabet , however, it can also be appreciated by the older generations who may have an interest in... Continue Reading →

Animation Treatment(2D) (T2,U53)

Working Title – Deserted   Genre – 2D animation   Duration –30-90 seconds long   Target Audience – My animation is targeted towards the teenage age range as i believe that the animation wouldn't be suitable for those of a younger age, however, this does not mean that the animation cannot be watched and appreciated... Continue Reading →

Alphabet Animation(T2-4, U3&53)

The letter i was given for this task was the letter 'D'. For this task i need to create an animation that is 4-5 seconds long which will require me to create  100-125 frames (pictures). To take these pictures i plan on using either my phone or camera which will be placed onto a tripod and... Continue Reading →

Sounds in my animation(T2, U53)

For the majority of the animation i will be using a calm soothing style of music as i believe that it creates an almost eerie atmosphere that gives off the impression that this man is alone and that there is no human life to be seen for miles. i found a good soundtrack on ''... Continue Reading →

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