Designing the Motion Graphic

This is the Kingston College logo and it will be implemented inside of my motion graphic. I will use the colour scheme of this logo to influence the colour scheme seen inside the motion graphic so that each ident will follow a theme.  


FMP Treatment

Working Title – Kingston College Graduation Idents   Genre – 2D Motion Graphics   Duration – 1x 10-15 second ident, 1x 3-5 second 'sting' ident   Target Audience – 16-25-year-old students attending the Graduation Ceremony. This ident is intended for the consumption of the students attending the Graduation Ceremony, along with any other member of... Continue Reading →

Initial Research (FMP)

What is an Ident? An ident is a short sequence displayed in-between sections used to identify the company. Idents are most commonly seen in TV during breaks between programmes, however, they can also be seen in different areas of media such as the example I am doing which is to break up the Graduation Ceremony video.... Continue Reading →

FMP Plan

2D/3D Motion Graphics: I will be working towards creating a 2D/3D motion graphic that will be used to top and tail the graduation ceremony, these idents will last no longer than around 10-15 seconds. On top of this, I will also be creating a ‘sting’ Ident which will play in between sections that will have... Continue Reading →

Production Diary

Week 1 (01/02/18): Today we went to Ham Common Woods to begin our first filming session for the live action game trailer. We went to the woods as soon as college finished and began to film the first couple of scenes for our trailer. Since it was our first day in these woods we spent... Continue Reading →

Live Action Trailer Planning

My Role: My role in this project was to be the cameraman when we came to film our trailer. On top of this, it was my job to produce the props that would be used in the trailer. I also filled out all of the paperwork that was needed. Synopsis: Prop Planning: Costume Planning: Location:... Continue Reading →

Creating the Website in Muse

To begin creating the website I first imported all of my previously built assets from illustrator into Muse and arranged them so that they corresponded exactly to my prototype design. After this was complete I then needed to make it so that the buttons worked. To do this I needed to click on one of... Continue Reading →

Website Prototype

Logo: The is the digital version of my logo design created in Illustrator. I created this logo by using the pen tool with the help of guides to ensure that the design was geometric and accurately designed. I am very happy with the outcome of the design as I believe it is easily understandable, simplistic, and... Continue Reading →

Designing The Website

Wireframe 1: This is the very first wireframe that I created which was designed to give me a rough idea of how I wanted my website to be laid out. After looking at this page and from other personal research I realised that there were pages within the website that I wanted to develop upon.... Continue Reading →

Maya Obstacle Animation Creation

Before I went into Maya and began animating I first decided to create a few storyboards demonstrating how my character would progress his way through the obstacle course. This first design included a variety of different movements ranging from: pushing, climbing, sliding, somersaulting. I quite liked this initial design, however, after going into Maya to... Continue Reading →

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