Creating the Game

Character creation: To begin the creation of my character i first scanned my drawing from my sketchbook and placed the image into Illustrator. After this i began to trace around my drawing breaking it up into segments e.g. legs, body, helmet etc. Once i had traced the whole drawing i added colour to the character... Continue Reading →


Lighting/Arnold Maya

Six Types Of Light Sources: Ambient: Brightens all parts of the scene uniformly, useful for simulating a combination of direct and indirect lighting. Directional: Even illumination of the scene using parallel rays of light, useful for extremely far away sources such as sunlight. Point: Light radiates in all directions from a single point, ideal for... Continue Reading →

Maya Research

Examples of jobs that use 3D design: Graphic designer Product designer Game designer VFX 3D designer Animator Architect   Animator: Animation is a job that tends to require a lot of 3D design and 3D animation. Within this field of work, there are many types of jobs that will use 3D modeling. First is the... Continue Reading →

App Research (Music App)

Below is a moodboard that shows examples of music streaming apps. These are the types of apps that I will be designing and therefore will use this moodboard as research to gain an understanding of the layout, colours, typography, navigation and images that would be used within the app. From this research I can see... Continue Reading →

Treatment of My Game

Working Title –Extra Terrestrial killing Pedestrians   Genre – The genre of my game is a 2D sidescroller/platformer.   Duration – 1 level. The level has no time limit meaning that the time it takes to complete is based on the skill level of the player.   Target Audience – The target audience is ages... Continue Reading →

Maya (Shape Animation)

In this lesson i had to place three different shapes and make them moves back and forth at different speeds while rotating. First off i placed a cube, sphere and a cone and aligned them at the back of the grid.   After this i placed a Key Frame at 1 frame which caused a... Continue Reading →

Wire framing a Calendar app

The moodboard below is a collection of calendar apps that would be seen on your mobile phone. The purpose of this is to get a brief idea of how this genre of app is designed so that i can take inspiration from them when creating a wireframe for my own designs. The two images below... Continue Reading →

Social Apps

FACEBOOK Wireframes and journey Aesthetics The Facebook has an iconic blue which is simplistic design. The app has a very basic list-like structure of buttons that redirects the user to the page. The background of the app uses a full white colour with a blue tab bar that runs along the top of the screen Purpose/UI and UX... Continue Reading →

Maya (Basics)

There are two types of modeling in Maya: Polygonal modeling and NURBS(Non Uniform Rational B Spline). Polygonal modeling is creating a shape using multiple different faces that are made up of a polygon mesh. NURBS on the other hand are one geometry type that you can use to create curves and surfaces within Maya. Hulls... Continue Reading →

Establishing Shots

An establishing shot is generally a long or extreme-long shot used at the beginning of a scene to show where the rest of the scene is going to take place. Another use for this is to incorporate story with the shot itself. This is done by potentially showing a worried character, that at this point... Continue Reading →

Camera angles

 extreme close up close up mid close up long shot extreme longshot dutch angle  two shot   over the shoulder shot    high angle birds eye view low angle worm shot

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